LapIT - Co-operation is everything

LapIT was founded in 2000 in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. We provide multiple choices of IT services and IT consulting. Nowadays we are one of North Finland's largest IT service providers, as well as expert in the field of information management.

We are fully owned by Finnish municipal corporations, which supports sustainable development in Northern Finland.

Our business is profitable, and we have more than quadrupled our turnover and number of employees since 2000. The turnover of our company is circa 7.9 million Euros (2013), and we employ directly ca. 75 people at our offices in Northern Finland. 

Our success is based on working and reliable relationships with our customers and other partners. There are currently some 60 groups, organizations and companies that rely on our highly skilled and motivated personnel. Our customers come mainly from the municipal sector, public sector, the SME sector and the health care side.

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